Pinnacle Hemp – D’nish Flavored CBD Tincture

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If you’re looking for flavors, the search is over! Imagine our signature, all-natural tincture mixed with some of the most flavor-packed combinations. Stop imagining because our D’nish Flavored Tinctures are here! Take that USA sourced hemp extract and mix it up with some Thai Dreams (Like a hot yoga class… This lemongrass milk cake confection will get you feelin’ fully zen), Oasis (Prickly pear and hibiscus-infused sorbet. Sounds weird. Tastes amazing), or Tradewinds (A refreshing fruit medley packed with peaches and guava nectar. An original Steadfast Flavor). Along with the other tinctures, this D’nish line is intended to be taken sublingually (by mouth, held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds).

Our D’nish Flavored CBD Tincture comes to you in a 15ml white bottle. Each tincture is capped with a dropper that has precise and clearly visible measurements on it, allowing for accurate and flexible dosing. As always, consistency is an important factor in increasing your chances of success.

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