David G – Flavored CBD Oil

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Full-spectrum and full of flavor. Our David G Flavored CBD tincture is a more palatable option of your daily dose of CBD. Think classic Pinnacle Hemp Full-Spectrum but with the added flavors of Creamy Berry Dessert (a delicious strawberry yogurt), Coffee Bean Delight (an amazing cup of coffee with a splash of hazelnut creamer), or Coconut Blast Drink (do you like pina coladas?). These tinctures, just like the others, are designed to be taken sublingually (by mouth, held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds) or as a great addition to your regular cup of coffee, or added into your favorite recipes!

Our David G Flavored CBD tinctures are packaged in 15ml black bottles. These tinctures are capped with droppers that have precisely labeled measurements allowing for accurate and flexible dosing options. Please keep in mind that consistency is important to increasing your chances of success.

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